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Strange Fruit Radio News

This update is actually quite a sad bulletin, as not only is it the last of the year - 2016, but also
represents the last update for this particular website.

We have listened to your feedback, and there is one constant criticism of the design - it's not
responsive - meaning that it cannot easily be viewed on mobile devices. So we have been working
hard to put a new site together, albeit its design is loosely based on this existing site.

There has also been some criticism that this site not only isn't updated enough, BUT that there is no
way to keep it easily updated, so we have listened - as you have been good enough to visit this site
and listen to us.

It's only in a beta (testing) stage, but we have put together a new site at www.strangefruit.co.uk
which while it is still in its infancy, we hope you will enjoy visiting. So, that's it! Thanks for visiting this
and the new site, Seasons Greetings to you wherever you are based, and most of all - Thanks for your
continued support and for listening.

LAST UPDATED: 03/12/2016




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