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Wanna help with Strange Fruit Radio?

We are a small setup based in England and are looking to make (radio) waves in a big way. Our station is dedicated to championing the unknown, up-and-coming artists/bands, who together with their record labels - assuming they are actually signed - probably have more chance of a being able to afford a seat at one of those so-called television 'talent shows', than taking part, let alone winning!

So, if you want to be in at the start, get in touch! Our E-Mail address is help[at]strangefruitradio.net and we are looking for, well, everyone! Record Librarians, fund raisers, secretaries, treasurers, presenters (don't think you need a full studio, one can record a programme with a basic computer, microphone, speakers and free editing software!), and most of all, must have a passion for getting those unheard of artists and bands heard by the listener.

We look forward to hearing from you.



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