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Strange Fruit Radio - Apps!

We broadcast via more platforms than most stations. The reason for this is not simply to boast - no it really isn't! - but we accept the days of people listening to the radio using their, er, radios are long gone! These days it's either via a P.C. - Desk or Laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone.

Here at Strange Fruit Radio we recognise this and have FIVE apps., you can listen to us via:

First of all, there is this cheap and cheerful, advert free version, you can use by clicking here.
However, we also provide these custom-made apps., though you will see some adverts popping up here and there!

You can even connect directly by entering either of the addresses below (exactly as they are shown) into your device(s) (not including wording in brackets): (Listen Live Channel) (Jukebox Channel).



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