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Strange Fruit Radio - 'The Jukebox'.

At the current stage of our development, Strange Fruit Radio runs a Jukebox service, which most
radio stations have as a similar element to their programme schedule, especially overnight.

At present, we run six two hour long programmes during the day, which are separated by two hours
of continuous music. Obviously, the more presenters we have "on-air", the less of the Jukebox you
will hear, until we are able to manage a full Programme Schedule, although it will probably always
have a part to play in our programming, at some point of the day or night.

All songs included in our programmes are also entered into the Jukebox System, and inevitably
some that aren't will still make it onto the Jukebox. While we will try and include the best of the
music we receive in our programmes, it is almost certain that some will slip through the net.

However, all songs played outside our programmes will feature on our "10 songs last played" list to
the left of this message board. We look forward to hearing from you.



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